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Only in India

„Incredible India“ probably is the most powerful Slogan of the world’s tourism industry. India is truly “incredible”. It’s incredibly loud – each and every evening we were looking forward to our quiet hotel room. India also remains the country of contrasts: Rich and poor, colorful and dull. India is the land of the extremes. We captured some of them during our trip across India.

Nice haircut

In India, everything happens literally on the street: The street is where people eat, where they live, pray and sleep. The streets are even their toilets. So why not using the street as a hair salon? Basically, we don’t have any arguments. We’re still a bit disappointed that we didn’t find any barber in Jaipur: Romeo really wanted to have a shave at an Indian barber.

The most sterile dentist on earth

We would love to say, that this picture shows the shop of a second-hand dealer. Or that it’s photoshopped or faked in any other way. No, it isn’t. This is exactly what we found in the center of Jaipur. Three men were sitting next to the chair. We looked at them, skeptically. They were just smiling at us, pointing at their own teeth. At this point we started to realized that we were standing in the middle of a dentist’s surgery. Admittedly, their teeth weren’t too bad.

Holy cows

This is definitely no myth at all: No matter where you’re looking, you’ll certainly see a cow. The cow probably will be eating garbage. Otherwise it will be walking along the street or sleeping at the roadside. Incredible India – right?

Indian Headshakes

It can mean anything: “Yes”, “No”, “I don’t know”, “I’m afraid.” Whenever you ask an Indian a question, he’ll shake his head (and we’ve seen predominantly men, that’s why we’re using the male version). It’s really weird cause you’ll never know what the person wants to tell you. Here’s a video which gives a brief insight into the Indian Headshakes.

There is no “maybe”

One person more always fits into the car. Honestly, there are other countries where you’ll also stumble upon this, but things get even worse in India. Unfortunately, we were too slow to capture all the crowded trucks, cars and rickshaws.

“Blow horn, please”

Indians love honking the horn. Everyone does it. Everywhere. Always. Even when they’re stuck in a traffic jam. Or in front of the red light. Generally, truck drivers are taking the honking to extremes (and for safety reasons we’re glad that they do). “Blow horn, please” is painted on the back of many trucks. And trust us, Indians are taking this seriously.

Many thanks to erlebe for supporting our trip to India.

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