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Our Road Trip from New York to Boston: Highlights and Travel Tips

Yes, we do love road trips. We love them even more when we’re in the US. Driving along an American highway and experiencing the freedom of the road is like one of the best feelings ever. Last time, when we’ve been to the US, we made a small road trip from New York to Boston with some stops in between.

We started at New Jersey’s Newark Airport, more precisely at the Avis car rental where we paid way too much for our car! We didn’t make a reservation – silly us!

Roadtrip New York Boston

Travel Tip No. 1: Always book your rental car in advance. Always.

Anyway. Time to hit the road! We’re in America. We’re on the road. We’re at… New Jersey Gardens Outlet. Welcome to the US! We’re going really crazy within the next 4 hours of shopping. It’s already dark when we exit the shopping mall.

Travel Tip No. 2: Don’t miss the Jersey Gardens Outlet which is situated very close to the airport!

Our very first destination is New Haven which is supposed to be 2 hours away by car. However, due to darkness and rain we need a bit longer. As soon as we arrive in the city center, we notice that there is not a single motel (of course there is none, we’re in the center). So we make a U-turn and head straight back to the suburbs. Later that night, we find ourselves in a dirty, smelly and kind of disgusting room. Good night!

Travel Tip No. 3: Don’t stay at “Best Way Inn” Motel in New Haven. Just don’t.

Thanks to the jetlag, we wake up very early and immediately leave the motel. We’re visiting the stunning Yale University and instantly fall in love! The university is just lovely and reminds us of the Gilmore Girls.

Yale Unicampus

A friend of us told us that there is a free guided walk around the campus. However, the tour starts at 2pm which is too late for us, so we decide to stroll around the campus on our own. There are only a few students around as it is A) a Saturday and B) holidays. Nevertheless, we enjoy our walk a lot!

Travel Tip No. 4: You’re gonna love Yale no matter what day it is!

At lunch, we have some delicious burgers and fries at Shake Shack which is situated next to the campus.

Yale Campus

Travel Tip No. 5: Shake Shack is always a good idea!

Time to head to Boston – but not without stopping at Wrentham Village Outlet. Another day, another outlet – oh dear! This outlet is built up like a small town, so we enjoyed being outside and strolling around the area. However, we only stay for a short period of time.

Travel Tip No. 6: If you think you’re not consumption-oriented, you’ve never been to America.

By late afternoon we reach Boston. We’re tired as hell. In the evening we’re strolling around the city center, ending up at Dong Khanh Restaurant at Harrison Avenue. This Vietnamese restaurant is truly a gem: the dishes are delicious!

The next morning, we’re having breakfast at Metropolis Café at Tremont Street which we can definitely recommend. Try the baked granola – soooo yummy! We walk along Newbury Street to reach Boston Public Garden. From there, we walk along the popular Freedom Trail – a path through downtown Boston which leads you to the city’s most important historical buildings.

Massachusetts State House

One of our favorite places is Quincy Market and its vibrant outdoor area. By that time, Kathi unfortunately is suffering from a cold, that’s we’re heading straight back to our hotel to relax a bit.

Travel Tip No. 7: It doesn’t always have to be off the beaten track – tourist routes can be amazing as well!

Boston Quincy Market

In the afternoon, we’re heading to Harvard University. We’re strolling around the campus which is not that impressive as Yale but still amazing with all its brick buildings.

Harvard Campus

In the evening, we’re visiting North End, a neighborhood which is known for its Italian flair. Unfortunately, we’re not able to catch a table at the famous Regina Restaurant. That means another burger at an American diner which is air-conditioned as hell.

Travel Tip No. 8: Don’t underestimate how freezing it can be inside an American restaurant!

Our small road trip finally ends at Dover, New Jersey, at the house of Romeo’s relatives who bought us six different kinds of Cheesecake. Six! The perfect end for an all-American road trip.

Hard facts

Distance covered: 538 miles
Which is in kilometers: 865,83
Venti-Cappuccino at Starbucks: 6
Expenses: way. too. much.

What’s more:

We gave back the car at Newark Airport in New Jersey. From there, traveling to Manhattan was very easy. Next time, we would probably add another night in Boston. And we would also travel to New Hampshire. Or Vermont. Or Maine. Well, road trips – event short ones – are simply our favorite way of travel!

Have you ever been on a Road Trip from New York to Boston? Tell us about you experiences – we’re looking forward to your comments!

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